Can you play at peekaboo?

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This toddler shows us how well she comprehends this song when she joins in with the final part of the song, hiding behind her hands and then saying PEEKABOO!

Repetition is really important for two year olds, who are picking up new language and communication skills all of the time. I had been singing this song all morning with various children who chose to come and join in. This meant the children had time to watch, listen and understand the game. The practitioners had also been singing this song every day as it was the song of the week in the nursery.

Peekaboo songs are excellent for early communications skills, as the anticipation allows time to let our children show us they understand the game and would like to join in.

You can really play with this at home. You don’t need voiles, just your hands. Wait for the final peekaboo, and let you child give you clues that they are ready to appear, like verbalisations, kicking feet or hands, giggling, squealing. Even tiny babies give these clues.

Find more peekaboo songs to enjoy at home here. 

Can you play at peekaboo?
I can play at peekaboo
Are you there?
Yes I am
Are you there?
Yes I am
Peeka, peeka, peeka, peeka (wait for it……) BOO!


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