Oh when the band begins to play x 2
I want to be in that band
When the band begins to play
Oh when *Sophie plays the *shaker x 2
I want to be in her band
When Sophie plays the shaker
*personalise to the child you are with and the instrument they are playing


I love this little band song, which Steph Brandon made up when I worked with her over at The Sage Gateshead.  It uses the tune of ‘oh when the saints go marching in’. Thanks Steph!

Change the words so they are about your child and have some fun making up some new words of your own.

If you are working with  a group, it works well to alternate the ‘solos’ with all playing together to keep the children engaged. This is great for those personal, social and emotional skills like turn taking, cooperating and respect for others.  In larger groups you can group the children into shakers, scrapers and tappers if there are too many for solos.

Image Posing with ukulele and new sunglasses used under Creative Commons License by Flickr user Mikenan1, with thanks.

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