Clap clap clap your hands,
Clap your hands together,
Clap clap clap your hands,
Clap your hands together.
*Round and round and round they go
Round and round they go,
Round and round and round they go
Then reach down to your toes.

*The original in the book has these words:

*Round and round and round your tum (stroke tummy in circles),
Round and round we go,
Round and round and round your tum (stroke tummy in circles),
Then run up to your thumb (run up arm with your fingers and tickle thumb).
Make up your own words and actions to make this one your own.


This is a brilliant song which I learned last week from Sandra Kerr from the Musical Eyes Network’s Musical Babies CPD day.

This is used with kind permission of Sheena Roberts, and is from her wonderful book “Playsongs: Actions songs and rhymes for babies and toddlers”. If you do not have this book and work with babies, it is worth investing in, as you will never need to look for a new song or rhyme again!


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  • Aamir Tariq says:

    Dear Kate’
    It’s really a pleasure visiting your website being the “Regional Music Coordinator” of the The City International School in Pakistan i really find it informative and helpful especially the early years resources you have uploaded.


    • Kate says:


      I am so pleased that this is a helpful resource for you. Did you get my email response about the web training? It is something I could certainly facilitate for you. If you are interested, email kate@katemb.com to see if we can get something set up?

      Thanks again,

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