Dom Dom is a dinosaur,
and when he walks he shakes the floor,
but when he opens his mouth to roar,
all you hear is…….
eek, eek, eek/yawn/nee nar/pop/etc
The possibilities are endless. You could use a prop bag to help come up with sounds, or just make them up. End with a ROAR!


Lesley Forrester (speech and language therapist, North Tyneside) wrote this one and it is used with her kind permission. This song incorporates nonsense sounds. Nonsense sounds are brilliant to support speech and language development, as they are achievable for children who are not yet talking. We had some great sounds today from ‘choo choo’, ‘nee nar’ to ‘wee’ and ‘rar’.

I must admit that I can never remember the tune of this, so we just chanted the words today, and that worked just as well.

Image used under Creative Commons License by Flickr user LeHigh Valley, PA, with thanks.

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