*Let’s go in the ring*, tra la la la la x 3
We’ll watch you doing your thing (woo woo! optional and added in by staff at Battle Hill nursery to celebrate the children)
*Tia goes in the ring/Mike is being peppa pig/Dylan jumps in the ring *etc change the words to fit what your child chooses to do in the middle. There are no rules, and sometimes a child chooses to just stand or sit in the ring and that is just fine with us.


This is one of our favourite songs to sing with the scrunchy.

A group of children and adults sit in a ring with the scrunchy and the children take it in turns to go in the middle and ‘do their thing’.

There are no rules at all about what to do in the middle, apart from being careful we do not hurt ourselves or any of our friends.

We take our shoes and socks off so we can really enjoy our movement.

This song has a really wide vocal range, it goes quite high and quite low, so may be harder for younger children to sing. For this reason, I have pitched it slightly lower, where adult voices are sometimes more comfortable singing. You may find your child enjoys singing the ‘la la la la la’ bit first, this is what I have seen children join in with first.

The children sometimes go into the middle in pairs or even altogether, if it is safe to do so.

Image Hexham Children’s Centre.

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