Frere Jacques is an excellent tune to adapt to sing about absolutely anything at all. I use this tune a lot in response to children’s play and also to ‘mark’ what is happening now and next to support the children to understand routines and what is expected of them.

I have just presented a Saturday Seminar for North Tyneside Council to celebrate the two year More Tuneful Tots projects.

One of the nursery settings shared this little gem with us, which is the song they use to make it fun and effortless to encourage the children to roll their sleeves up before washing their hands, any time of day.

They explained that it used to be stressful and difficult trying to encourage all children to roll up their sleeves, so they decided they needed a song. Now, the children join in with the singing and all roll up their sleeves independently as a result of it. Result!

Let’s give this one a go and see if we have the same success?

Image used under Creative Commons license by Flickr user Ben Garney, with thanks



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