*Skipping in the rain x 2
Look there’s a puddle, let’s jump….
*change actions and find as many ways to move as possible. If you are indoors, get down onto the floor and wriggle, crawl, belly-crawl and roll around, so the children get their whole body contact with the floor. It helps them learn who they are from the inside out.


This is great fun to sing outdoors, looking for puddles to splash in.

It does not have to be raining though! You could change the words, so you were ‘skipping outside/inside/round the park’ etc.

We enjoyed this one outside with the toddlers at Battle Hill Nursery. It wasn’t raining,  and we used hula hoops on the ground to mark places for children to run to, in time for the final ‘splash’!

Make up all manner of ways to move between the hoops, and take your time saying splash. We ended up saying splash a few times together whilst the tiny two year olds found a hoop.

Great for encouraging vocalising in your pre or non-verbal children.

Image Howdon Nursery.

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  • Louise Maguire says:

    Hi Kate, my Son Joseph is in Bluebells at Battle Hill and I don’t know if he has heard you singing this and the train song before but he definately recognised your voice and we have both enjoyed singing the songs and doing actions this morning.

    Thank you.

    • kate says:


      Hiya! Thanks for taking the time to post a comment on your website. I’m delighted to hear that you’ve been enjoying the songs at home. That is the whole point of this website, so that is music to my ears.

      I have noticed that your little boy is very responsive to music when I am in Bluebells room, he loves to dance doesn’t he?

      Which songs were you singing? Does Joseph have a favourite?

      Keep checking in, as I often post new songs, and will be adding more video over the coming weeks too.

      Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

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