To-ny Chest-nut knows I love you
To-ny knows, To-ny knows
To-ny Chest-nut knows I love you
That’s what To-ny knows
Tap these body parts as you sing:
To -toe,  ny -knee,  chest-chest,  nut-head,  knows-nose,  I-eye,  love-heart,  you-point to child


This is a brilliant little action song which works well with all ages from birth upwards.

With a baby, lie them on their back and sing to them as you gently tap the different parts of their body. As your child grows, you can sing this song with them cuddling in on your knee, or sitting opposite you.

Older children can do the actions themselves and may enjoy singing this song with their toys and teddies.

This one feels a little tricky until you get the hang of it, but it is worth it! Start off singing it slower until you have your body parts and singing coordinated.

Image First gig used under Creative Commons License by Flickr user D Simmons, with thanks.

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