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One ukulele each, that’s better!

By April 29, 2014Video gallery

No stress about turn-taking today for the Terrific Twos at Riverside, as I took my own adult ukulele into nursery as well as the smaller Mahalo blue one.

Interestingly, the toddlers all preferred the adult ukulele. I think they know quality when they see it. This is an excellent, professional standard (unlike my playing!) ukulele. They have good taste.

This little boy has never wanted to play the ukulele before today. His dad is a professional musician and plays guitars at gigs in the evenings. It is great to hear him talking about dad’s guitar and making comparisons.

You might remember this little girl? She gave us an amazing performance last week on the ukulele with some lovely movements in?



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I am an early years music specialist based in North Tyneside. I am currently leading on the Terrific Twos at Riverside Project. Before that I was the lead practitioner for the Tuneful Tots & Bouncin' Bairns projects.

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