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Toddler lost in music

By March 19, 2014Video gallery
This two year old is a great little singer isn’t she?
The bells perhaps prompt her to think of this song, which is not being sung in nursery at the moment.
Her singing is really valued by the practitioner who is filming her, and who then joins in with her singing.
Notice how sensitive the practitioner is when she joins in with the singing.  She does not take over.  She even sings at the same pitch as the child and modifies how she sings the song so she follows the child’s lead.
This is a good example of ‘attunement’ , the adult in this clip shows us she is really keyed in to what this girl is doing, and she supports this without taking over. This is great practice.

Does your child sing to themselves and get lost in music?
Leave us a comment to tell us about it below

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Author Kate

I am an early years music specialist based in North Tyneside. I am currently leading on the Terrific Twos at Riverside Project. Before that I was the lead practitioner for the Tuneful Tots & Bouncin' Bairns projects.

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  • Nicki garner says:

    Love this clip Kate. I’ve had to email them to home as they won’t load at work. I would love to put a selection of videos on our screen in nursery reception for the parents to see when they are waiting to pick their children up x

    • Kate says:


      She is a great little singer isn’t she? Hope her parents know this is here? That is an excellent idea about the screen in nursery recption, let’s look into that?


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