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Two year old boy tunes my ukulele for me

By April 2, 2014Video gallery

This boy was fascinated by the tuning pegs on my ukulele. Can you hear him say ‘”spin it round”?  It seems like he talks himself through the tuning up process, and he is not quite happy with his first go. He says “that’s better” after he has tuned it for the second time.

He is two years old!

The other two children are doing very well waiting for their turn, as we all know that turn-taking and sharing are not easy for two year olds.

Toddlers are amazingly capable, and I am not sure we always realise just how much they are able to do when in control of their own learning.

This clip was taken as part of The Terrific Twos at Riverside, and early years music project, funded by Youth Music and taking place in North Tyneside right now. Find out more here.


Author Kate

I am an early years music specialist based in North Tyneside. I am currently leading on the Terrific Twos at Riverside Project. Before that I was the lead practitioner for the Tuneful Tots & Bouncin' Bairns projects.

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