Tuneful Tots & Bouncin’ Bairns 2011 – 2013

North Tyneside

More Tuneful Tots & Bouncin’ Bairns was a music project based in Battle Hill Childcare Nursery.  It ran from June 2012 until December 2013.  It was a continuation of the original Tuneful Tots and Bouncin’ Bairns project which was based in Howdon Children’s Centre and Wallsend Crèche from April 2011 until April 2013.

Kate Maines-Beasley worked alongside John Croft, the Early Years Educator. Kate worked with all of the children, families and early years practitioners in Battle Hill Childcare Nursery. She has also worked in the Children’s Centre’s stay and play group and run a music group for families.  Our aim was to raise our standards in musical provision, with a particular emphasis on supporting the children’s communication, personal, social and emotional skills.

In these projects, we have enjoyed singing, dancing, playing, puppets, lycra, scrunchies and lots of laughter.  The staff have had training in Makaton, effective ways to use singing and music, as well as in movement play with Jabadao. Kate plays the flute and djembe so live music has been an integral part of the project too.

John Croft has been supporting the process, ensuring that what is delivered is age appropriate and suitable for the setting. Management have also been hugely involved in supporting from the top down so the project leaves a legacy and is valued. The staff team here have really taken the project on, and are doing brilliantly with embedding it into their daily practice, independently of Kate. I think the staff sum it up best themselves in the poem below.

Ode to Kate (written by a staff member to say thank you to Kate when the project came to an end):

Ode to Kate








Ode to Kate:

Thank you Kate for getting us to sing,
Sometimes we weren’t sure where to begin,
Our confidence has really grown,
With all the songs you  have sewn,
In to our minds where they will stay,
And will come out to play,
Thank you for getting us to move,
I know some of us have really found our groove!
We promise to keep it going,
All the songs and moves you have shown,
So here’s a big thank you form us all,
At Battle Hill we will stand tall,
And show off our skills to all that can see
And be the best that we can be,
So bye for now and good luck to you,
We wish you well in all that you do.

The original Tuneful Tots and Bouncin’ Bairns music project was based in Howdon Children’s Centre and Wallsend Crèche. This project began in April 2011. As part of the More Tuneful Tots & Bouncin’ Bairns project, top-up support visits were planned for Howdon Children’s Centre and Wallsend Creche. Hooray! This project was due to end in April 2012, but thanks to Youth Music, it was extended until April 2013.

Music leader, Kate Maines-Beasley worked with all children, staff and carers. She worked in the Howdon créche, nursery and stay and play, and in Wallsend créche and stay and play. She worked alongside adults to support them to raise the standards of musical provision for the children. Our aim was to improve children’s communication skills through music-making activity.

We’ve enjoyed singing,  playing, live performances on flute, the djembe drum, the ukulele, moving,  playing with lycra and scrunchies, dancing, learning Makaton, playing instruments and more! Watch our videos to see for yourself.

Working with families was central to this project, so parents, grandparents, carers and the wider family are encouraged to get involved too.

This work was funded by Youth Music and North Tyneside Cultural Services.

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What people say about this project


I’ve learnt a lot because I did singing as a natural thing, but I probably didn't know the value or the learning outcomes. Before I was just doing it, but now I understand the importance of it, and can explain this to others

Early years practitioner, Battle Hill Childcare Nursery

Staff now have a better level of understanding. They know what to look for in terms of where children are musically and in terms of links to EYFS Development Matters. This has really come through in the tracking of children, where the music project is frequently referred to in practitioners’ observations

Deputy manager, Battle Hill Childcare Nursery

Kate’s delivery is outstanding. I'm thrilled I've attended and will take so much from this morning

Early years practitioner, North Tyneside
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