We made Magic Happen

Crowdfund now closed with target smashed

Transforming an empty shop unit into a music and movement play space for families in North Shields. A safe, nurturing place to play, rest, make music and be together.

Picture this: step out of the shopping centre into our sanctuary away from the strains of everyday life and cost-of-living crisis. Our beautiful space contains: musician; movement practitioner; curated safe places to move freely; beautiful and high quality instruments (no headaches here); projections; lycra; voiles; shadow play; hammocks; rest cocoons; playful encounters; deep connection; celebration of you and your child. Music and movement play will be at the heart of the experience. 

One family at a time will have a dedicated hour in our space, to be however they would like to be. No pressure or expectation to perform or be a certain way. No public parenting fears here. The youngest child will lead the experience, giving them unique autonomy within their family unit, in a facilitated safe space. Two attuned, creative practitioners will facilitate child-centred play and exploration which involves the other family members. We want to offer North Shields residents free access.