Music Moves On

Creating opportunities for music and movement play with two and three- year-olds and their grown-ups in North Tyneside

Young girl holds and studies the flute carefully
Kate plays flute for a group of children

What we did...

Musical play

we enjoyed hands on experience of high quality instruments, exploring sounds and different ways to play them. The children came up with far more interesting ways to play instruments than us adults did.

Movement play

two year olds need to move. Development movement play supports their need to explore a full range of movements in a fun, safe environment. We used lycra, scrunchies, bodies to celebrate the unique energy of two-year-olds

Live music

I play the flute, and a small amount of ukulele and djembe drum. The children heard me play these, then had a go themselves

Animal assisted work

Lesley brought golden retriever Heidi in to play and learn with us, and even her hens. Lesley is a speech and language therapist, so all she does is backed up by sound working knowledge of how to best support children's communication skills

The children all enjoyed moving to music, playing high quality musical instruments, including my ‘posh’ ukulele and flute. 

All of the work was supported by key workers and management. This setting has just been Ofsted Outstanding, and I know first-hand why. These practitioners care so much, and put the children’s wellbeing front and centre. 

As part of Music Moves On, we even enjoyed animal assisted activities with Lesley Forrester and her dog Heidi. 

The delivery team met regularly to review video and reflect on how the children were responding to what we were offering. I loved this project, and hope to return to this setting very soon. 

Boy holds ukulele strings, sat on key worker's knee
The children loved making a band together. This is our band song.
0:00 / 0:00
Oh when the band (tune of when the saints)

we made a playlist

We made playlists of our favourite songs from home, so we could bust some moves at Riverside
Have a listen, and spot your song!

Child leads

Music Moves started with the child. I worked alongside those who care for them. 

What I actually delivered depended on the unique child or children in front of me in that moment. 

This type of engagement needs time, space and infinite flexibility.

At the moment, I am finding that January – July is a good length of time for my input into a  setting-based two-year-old provision. 

I enjoy working with the same teams into the future, so we build relationships and legacy.

I believe that